Liverpool, 5th day. Leaving Liverpool

This is my trip memories in Liverpool in 1998/99.

It's the final day of my HOME coming. I phoned Eddie after breakfast and said farewell. My flight time was 2.50pm and Lynn would take me on 1pm from the statue of Eleanor Rigby in Stanley Street.

In this trip, I brought my computer to connect Internet. I expected to contact the Scousers mailing list and other net friends. But unexpected staying in hostel made it hard. In this bugdet hostel, there's no phone in a guest room. And the Internet Cafe in North John Street I used to was already closed. I heard about another cyber cafe in town from Jean last night. After checking out the YMCA, I tried to visit there before leaving Liverpool though I didn't know if it's open today. For Jean's explanation, the cyber cafe was next to the Odeon cinema in London Road. And the Odeon cinema was the place where the Beatles' first film "A Hard Day's Night" premiere was set and she was there at that time!

It's Sunday morning and almost of shops were closed. The cyber cafe in London Road, too, unfortunately. I went to Lime Street station to take a seat. Sitting on a bench in a station, I couldn't stop crying suddenly. I didn't want to realise but it's the day of leaving. There's not only good thing in this trip but everything was happened here in Liverpool. I wanted to stay more or wanted to live forever.

For the final memories of Liverpool, I went to restaurant and had a Cains of Liverpool. Then it's time to leave. I went to Stanley Street. There's already Lynn sitting on a bench. We had a lunch at a pizza restaurant. I told her about my new glasses.

We had to hurry up after lunch. We had a big hug and said good bye at the airport. Lynn got back to her work and I had to be on board Easyjet again. But the flight to Amsterdam didn't start soon cos of the weather condition. I had to stay in aeroplane on ground for an hour. I hoped it last long. That meant I could stay in Liverpool for more hours. Unfortunately or not, I didn't know which was better but the aeroplane started to taking off. I said final farewell to Liverpool from the sky with tearful eyes.

The end.