Liverpool, 4th day. Through the Liverpool Eyes

This is my trip memories in Liverpool in 1998/99.
I had to leave Liverpool tomorrow. So I had to do everything of the rest what I want today but without clear eyes. I rung Mags again to ask how about today. But she still didn't well. Things doesn't go well every time in this trip. I was very nervous and I didn't want to do nothing but went out to buy Postcards. I bought spoken words CD of Brookside at the Virgin Megastore, Tetley's tea bags at Tesco Metro, Reds scarf at stand on Williamson Square, Echo at the news-stand. Visit Beatles shop in Mathew Street and leave message to Jean, an organiser of Liverpool based Beatles fan club.
Back to YMCA and wrote postcards to my Japanese friends. This was my new year greeting from Liverpool. They would like this one cos they're all Beatles fan! Finish to write and reading Echo, I had a phone call from Jean. We had an appointment at the Grapes on Mathew Street on 5.30 pm.
Then I had another phone call. It was from Lynn. I asked to help me to fix my glasses but she said she couldn't cos of her own business. She said I should do by myself and also said she would believe I could do it. Were you sure? Did you think so? OK, I had to face it by myself. Short after a phone, I was called by the staff of YMCA to come to reception. He said he would take me to the optician. Thanks Lynn, she asked him to help me. He took me in front of the optician on Renshaw Street and back to YMCA. Buuuut, unfortunately, this optician's was closed today. Oh my god. Anyway, I had to look for another optician by myself again. Down to Ranelagh Street, there was another optician's. I asked if they could fix my glasses but they said if I had a description. I said no cos I was just a tourist and it's an accident. But they refused to fix. Oh what can I do? I walked around city centre again. After sending postcards from post office, I found out another optician's in Church Street. I explained about my glass once again. The optician also asked my description but in this time he said after having a test, then he could fix my glass. Well, I do want to have a test even though I had a language problem. He said to me to come again after 30 minutes.
The man tested me was Asian. It was sometimes hard for me to have a test cos I didn't know how to explain but it was very unusual experience. While testing, he said about a movie on telly last night, it was "You Only Live Twice" of James Bond, filmed in Japan. The broken lens was left one but I hoped to change both cos I had an eye test five years before or so and I felt this lenses were not suit for me at that time. After the test and waiting a while, I finally got my new lenses on my glasses. Well, everything looked clearer than before. Honestly, now I'm looking the world through the Liverpool. The accident in the Cavern club knocked me down but don't make it bad, I have Liverpool glasses now.
Then I went to the Grapes on Mathew Street to meet Jean. She came late but with group of all Beatles fan. We talked each other. This is the famous pub for the history of the Beatles, spending a time there was a fun itself. Many people came there and said hello to Jean. And one old gentleman came to us and sitting next to me. Jean and others said hi to him started to talk to him. I didn't notice who he was but Wilfried from Manchester, original from Germany told me he was Bob Wooler. Bob of the Cavern DJ? What a surprise! I had a big fun tonight. Bob told us his memories of the "beat groups of sixties" not only the Beatles but Gerry and the Pacemakers or other groups. I'm sorry I couldn't remember all of what he said. I asked about the Undertakers but unfortunately he didn't say nothing about them. I'm sorry for our Chris Huston. He looked very old and couldn't stay with us late. We said bye to him. Shortly after, then another man came into the pub. Who's next? E's Allan Williams of the first Beatles manager before Brian Epstein! In my memory of him, Lynn met him at the annual Beatles Festival in summer of 1996, then she asked him to his autograph for me. And now, Allan was in front of me! He soon went out to looking forward Bob. He looked funny as himself. How long did we spend there? Half of the group left first and Jean next. At last, me and other three was left. Two men had started to play guitar and sing a song then in the pub, we moved to listen their music. Yeah, I could spend very happy night finally.
There's no photo in this day and next day.